Your Venue


AALT can help you with your venue management in many ways from full management to providing technical services, design & installation.

  • We supply all types of theatre technicians both specialised and multiskilled
  • We supply front of house staff to help with people management, ticket collection or even to monitor public access to back stage areas during a performance
  • We supply general hands or porters to help with the setup of events
  • We have event administrators / managers
  • We have an extensive hire department available to both you and your clients
  • We have long standing arrangements with other companies that supply things we don’t, such as marquees, stages, and dance floors
  • We have a sales department with access to all the trusted brands and have the ability to organise fixed price agreements
  • We have training arrangements with suppliers to help you with your new equipment
  • Our staff are trained and have the appropriate certifications for the jobs they are doing. (lifter tickets, working at heights, rigging and dogging, etc.)
  • AALT staff do safety assessment paperwork for every event they are involved in
  • Our staff are all uniformed and therefore easily identifiable while on your premises
  • We keep comprehensive documentation for every event
  • Our staff are all Criminal History Checked (healthcare/vulnerable groups) and in our register so we can tell you their check status at any time.


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