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Theatre Curtain Installation

Theatre Curtain Installation for Every Performance Need

AALT supplies premium curtains and fabrics from Theatrical Supplies of Australia (TSA), a leading supplier of drapery for the entertainment industry. Our team of experts will provide a free onsite quote and measurement before moving forward with your project. We then design, manufacture, and install your custom theater curtain using TSA's wide range of drapery fabric.
With years of theater curtain installation in the greater Adelaide area, we understand the importance of installing a quality, long-lasting curtain that will serve you many events and performances. We consult with you and your team on the exact needs of your venue before creating a custom curtain and choosing fabrics, appearance, and purpose. If you need better sound control, or simply need to hide your stage equipment, we will make sure you have masking legs, backdrops, the main curtain, and more made and installed exactly to your specifications.

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