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Outdoor Sound System Company

Meet South Australia's Outdoor Sound System Company

Hosting an event outdoors can be challenging, particularly when sound and light are a necessary part of your function. That is why AALT, the premier outdoor sound system company in SA, provides high-quality distributed sound systems for field days, sporting events, races, festivals, and more. Our high-performance equipment consists of 5-meter towers that allow your sound to project over a large area, while also ensuring your event is not hindered by bulky, obtrusive electronics. Capable of running wired or wirelessly, we protect your patrons by setting up the equipment in a way that best suits your venue or event. Our generator, which runs for up to 10 hours, is nearly silent and remains protected by a crowd barrier and out of the way of guests.
As a long-standing outdoor sound system company in The greater Adelaide area, we have experience providing the best equipment and design for any event, large or small. Our professional team is highly trained to guarantee safety measures are taken and everything is secure and safe for crowds. Contact us today to learn more about AALT and how we can help with your next outdoor event.

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