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Loud & Clear - Hear the Difference

High Performance Outdoor Sound

High performance sound system fully setup with 5m towers which makes it simple to get great results at your event without taking up much space. This system is self-contained with an almost silent generator that will run for approximately 10 hours and is surrounded by a crowd barrier to keep your patrons safe. The system can run either wired or wireless if cable are a problem at your event. The towers also have a small floodlight to keep the area lit. If your event is at night outward facing floods can be fitted to light the immediate area.


Standard Horn System

Simple Horn PA_edited.jpg

Outdoor Public Address Horn Speakers perfect for smaller Sporting or outdoor events. Great for School Sports Days, Fêtes or getting basic sound over a small to medium oval sized area.

Australian Audio & Lighting Technology is a specialist in distributed sound systems. These systems are suitable for Field Days, Sporting Events, Car Rally’s, Bike Races, Agricultural & County Shows, Car Meets, Volleyball Tournaments and any other kind of event where you need to cover a large area with sound.

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