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Keeping You Safe

At AALT we have access to multiple EVAC/INVAC Solutions we work with our clients to tailor a system to suit your needs. Below is a description of a premium solution. For further information Contact Us to discuss how best we can help you with a tailored solution.

GLOBALCOM.EDU is an entire network-based ecosystem of unified communication technologies that sets a new standard in interoperability.

An entire school's paging, audio, video, digital signage, and emergency systems can communicate together under one solution, even off-site and state communication is easily achieved.  The core results are improved daily communications with staff and students, leading to better collaboration and productivity. 

This same system is also the best and proven mass notification & emergency platform.  25,000+ schools across the USA can’t be wrong!  (This system is also utilised in 85% of all US airports, so proven reliability is not an issue!)

GLOBALCOM.EDU transforms an existing VoIP telco system into a wide audience coverage system and adds levels of world-class automation technology.  With this integration, you can easily communicate with a single classroom, targeted, multiple school zones or the whole school.  These communications can be audible, visual or both.  

So what does this all mean?

The creation of a standardised messaging/emergency alert system allows the education department to set a controlled standard for emergency procedures minimising the chance of miscommunication and panic.  US studies have shown in cases of life critical events panic in the message providers voice can increase panic in those effected therefore making control of the situation for administration and emergency service departments more difficult to control and contain.

Where required, visual messages can be sent to classrooms rather than audible messages targeting certain zones where the danger is most present.  In the case of an armed perpetrator not alerting them to where more potential victims are in a building is a valuable lifesaving feature.

Included with this introduction is a basic feature set for the product and system schematic.  Customisation of some features is also available.

For further information please feel free to Contact Us

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