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At AALT we have over 30 years of experience working with educational venues. Currently we work with more that 30+ schools to provide the services shown below. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can tailor our services to best work with you and your venue.


Theatre and Performance

  • Dance

  • Musicals

  • Year 12 Productions

  • Drama Productions

We have over 80 radio mics in our inventory, high quality digital lighting and sound consoles, affordable prices good quality speaker systems, easy to get along with helpful staff, we are happy to supervise and work with your students to guide them through the use of equipment.


  • Sports Days – We provide high quality outdoor distributed speaker systems with radio mics, laptop and iPod inputs

  • Sports Gym Sound – We install or hire high quality speaker systems for announcements and music

  • Fitness Sound – PA systems with grunt, fitness headsets and control systems that can be controlled from an iPad or phone if required


  • Cabaret Nights

  • Music Concerts

  • Recitals

We provide high quality audio systems, lots of radio mics, over 300 special instrument microphones to make sure your soloists are heard, lots of lighting to make sure your students can be seen and just as importantly can read their music. If your students are work shopping with national and international artists we have extensive experience in these types of combines concerts.

Other school events and services

  • Fete’s

  • Carnivals

  • Movie Nights

  • Christmas Carols

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Venue Management

  • Venue Maintenance

  • Venue Design & Installs

  • EVAV/INVAC Notification Systems

  • Technician Services




  • Our staff are trained and have the appropriate certifications for the jobs they are doing. (lifter tickets, working at heights, rigging and dogging, etc.)

  • AALT staff do safety assessment paperwork for every event they are involved in.

  • Our staff are all uniformed and therefore easily identified while in your school.

  • Our paperwork follows a single order number all the way through to our invoice and the staff that work on job are listed also, this means your invoice will tell you who was in your school and at what times.

  • Our staff are all Criminal History Checked (healthcare/vulnerable groups – School Theatre Work) and in our register so we can tell you their check status at any time.


Should you wish to discuss your next event in detail please Contact Us

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