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Drama Production Lighting Technology

Where to Find Drama Production Lighting Technology in SA

From schools to theaters, and everywhere in between, Australian Audio & Lighting Technology provides high-quality drama production sound system services as well as drama production lighting technology. Every stage performance deserves the best in lighting, special effects, and sound, providing the guests and performers alike with a performance they will never forget.
For those moments when drama production includes live orchestral music, we also provide over 300 special instrument microphones that guarantee your fans will hear every instrument and soloist exactly as they should. Our company has been serving the greater Adelaide area with the latest technology, knowledge, and quality customer service for over 30 years. With partnerships and connections to some of the top sound and lighting equipment companies in the world, we work with our clients to make sure every drama production sound system is built to the exact specifications of your school, company, or agency.
More than sound design, our team also works to supply the latest drama production lighting technology so that every element of your performance comes to light at exactly the right moment. Our team even works to install your new equipment or help manage and run your existing equipment throughout your performance.
Are you looking to upgrade your drama production sound system or drama production lighting technology? AALT will proudly work with you to supply the highest quality equipment at the best price through our network of professional suppliers. With years of experience working alongside drama production companies, we gladly work with your team of architects and/or designers to support your venue's changing needs and the requirements of each individual performance. We'll consult to make sure you get the best drama production sound system and lighting technology for your venue.

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