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Audio Technology Company

A Greater Adelaide Area Audio Technology Company and Audio Equipment Installation

At Australian Audio & Lighting Technology, we offer professional stage lighting, audio, and event management for indoor and outdoor live events. From sporting events to musicals and live music events, we provide the equipment, expertise, set up, and administration. Our audio technology company also does curtain installation for stages and auditoriums, audio equipment installation such as EVAC and INVAC systems for educational institutions, as well as sales and installation of lighting or sound equipment for any venue.
Serving The greater Adelaide area and the Adelaide area since 1988, we believe in providing quality sound and lighting to help support and enhance our clients' productions. It is important to find the right team to ensure your event runs smoothly, which is why our audio technology company offers more than just equipment. Our expert team of professionals delivers exceptional service at any event, in sound set up and design, as well as ticket sales, and entire venue management. If you have recurring or annual events, we are happy to work with you to ensure consistent quality, regardless of changes in equipment needs, set up, or lighting.
Our audio technology company began with a passion for music and the audio industry as we worked alongside many national and international music groups visiting South Australia. Since that time, we have seen the need in our many incredible schools and event venues for quality stage set up and performance management. Because audio technology is our specialty, we include essential audio equipment installation and support in choosing the best equipment for your needs.
If you need quality equipment for hire, would like to discuss venue management for a regular event, or simply want to learn more about our services, contact us today to let us know how we can serve you.

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